These are the many ways in which we build the experience of your brand. Your online presence is tailor-made. Below are the many ways in which we draw upon our skill-sets to create your online presence.
A Strategy is the key to mastering online presence. It is the map that not only shows us how interactions will be executed and integrated but gives us greater understanding as to where to go to in the future of your brand experience. It is about attention to detail- understanding your business, your brand, and your audience are integral to creating long term engagement.
We do websites and apps to suit your needs. We can code from scratch or use wordpress. We are passionate about user experience, looking at all aspects of navigation and engagement. If your brief requires more specific platform functionality, such as online programmes, gamification, or e-learning, we can design for these purposes too.
We do copywriting. Whether you need something written for your website, your blogs, or your newsletter, we provide monthly content packages that allow you to decide how much content you require, how often you want to reach your audience, and over what time period. We write all content with keywords and SEO in mind.
We do graphics, infographics, and illustration. This is usually what sets you apart, or gives your content the type of embellishment that will get you noticed. We execute different concepts, styles, and creativity to give your content that edge.
We do motion graphics and explainer videos. Video content is the most shareable form of content through social media channels. As well as being able to hold the attention of your audience, motion graphics and explainer videos can visually explain difficult concepts or processes, that would otherwise prove difficult through other mediums.
SEO & Analytics
The only way to improve on the experience of your brand is to measure the response. It’s part of the masterplan to evaluate the interactions and fine-tune accordingly. We provide evaluation and reporting of content over time and learn from this information to make better-informed decisions of what content to create to engage your audience.